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How to turn your passive CMS into an Active Content Marketing and Sales Machine

Today’s tech-savvy business owners want much more than just passive content management. They demand active and responsive software systems that go much further, to close the loop between Content, Marketing, and Sales (today’s “CMS”).   You’re invited to attend the Joomla! User Group Chicago North meeting on Wednesday, April 8th in Palatine for an information-packed session like you’ve never experienced at Joomla! User Group Chicago.

We’ll start promptly at 11:00 AM, so don’t be late. Lunch is free (as it has been since day one), thanks to our sponsors. We’re pleased to welcome Steven Pignataro, CEO of Battle Creek, Michigan-based ‘corePHP’ Technology. Steven is the first member of the Joomla Community, joining with the original core team back in the Mambo days! John Coonen, one of original JoomlaChicago’s (now Joomla! User Group Chicago North) co-founders (and now ‘corePHP’s CMO) will join Steven in this presentation as well, to focus on the new Marketing technology now available to Joomla site owners, developers and designers.

This is a learning session, not a sales pitch, so come learn first-hand how you can put together your own practical plan to convert your passive, Joomla CMS into an active, Content Marketing and Sales machine. Think of it like turbocharging your car’s engine, and adding wings too!

Luckily for you, Joomla is the perfect, flexible framework to build your online business, End-to-End. Not only is Joomla extremely fast, secure and inexpensive (free!) to own and operate, it’s the most modular, flexible and future-proof major CMS you’ll find. That’s the beauty of Joomla! It never gets old. Like Legos, you can snap-on new features and capabilities, without sacrificing performance, or architectural integrity. In fact, many of those components are what makes the core even stronger for your business. Plus, when and if the components get antiquated, you can snap them off and replace them, without affecting the core.

So come learn how you can go from passive management to active engagement of your content, your customers, and your data!

Do you want Inbound Marketing integrated with your Joomla CMS? We’ll show you how it’s being done! How about SalesForce Customer Relationship Management? That too!  What about real-time currency exchange and payment systems, ubiquitous gateways and marketing controls for incentive programs, discounting and special promotions? Yup. How about real-time marketing and sales analytics and performance statistics? You got it.  

The future is bright, but only for those who know what’s coming. So don’t miss this fast-moving presentation by Steven Pignataro of Battle Creek-based ‘corePHP’, Norh America’s largest Joomla component developer. This is a great chance for you to learn from one of the original members of the Joomla Core Team, as Steven gives you a glimpse into the future of Joomla, and how you can map out a plan to convert your passive CMS into an active Content Marketing and Sales machine, today!

The lunch is free, but the information is priceless. We’ll start at 11:00am and go right through lunch, straight to 2:00PM with this information-packed mini “JoomlaDay” worth of vital Content, Marketing and Sales advice, from Steven Pignataro, one of the very first, and the very best in Joomla!
Sign-up today as space is limited!  

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