JoomlaDayOtun2023 III

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JoomlaDay Otun November 2023
JoomlaDay Events
11/06/2023 - 11/10/2023


As a result of repositioning for the year, Daydah Concepts Limited had introduced "JoomlaDayOtun 2023 I" to help prepare the hosting organization - Uptake Farms Limited / Plentious Farms Limited for the leading role with growth from JoomlaDayOtun 2022 for the event as above. The next event "JoomlaDayOtun 2023 II" is expected to host a number of organizations in the public and private sector. JoomlaDayOtun 2023 II proposes to have companies / participants review their first and second quarter activities, deduce problems associated with growth and have attendees / tutors / joomlers with leading solutions discuss them. Besides leading experts in the industry playing a key role at the event, locals may be available to share known techniques or schemes besides known standards.  Registration is free.  

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