JUGL November 2023

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Join us for this month’s Joomla User Group London (#JUGL) meetup

For November, we have:
René Kreijveld is talking about - How to set up code-server on a Ubuntu VPS?

What is code-server? Code-server allows you to run Visual Studio Code on any machine anywhere and access it in the browser.

You can install almost all VS Code extensions. With the code-sever development platform, you can edit, commit, deploy, and debug code from any computer with a browser and a keyboard. So also with a Tablet or a Chromebook.


In this session, I will demonstrate how to install, configure and use code-server. I will show you how to edit a Joomla extension and deploy and debug it. All in the browser.

As usual, it’s a BYOD event (Bring Your Own Drinks), but all drinks and humans are welcome; we think it will be a great night, packed with Joomla goodness. So see you there.

Schedule (UTC):

The time is from 19:00 UTC (19:00 BST) Tuesday, 21st November, until 21:00 UTC ( 21:00 BST)

19:00 - Introductions and chit-chat and News
19:15 - René Kreijveld talking about - How to set up code-server on a Ubuntu VPS?
20:15 - Questions
21:00 - Fireside chat,  news, social etc…


We look forward to seeing you.

Location information

London, United Kingdom

Upper Street 241
N1 1RU Islington
United Kingdom

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