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Joomla 4 Launch After Party

From August 17, 2021 4:00 pm until August 17, 2021 6:00 pm
Posted by JUG Chicago North Team
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JUG Chicago North is joining in the launch fun!

Joomla! 4 events are happening throughout the day and know that you may not be able to attend them especially with many occurring during the early hours of our morning, so we will be bringing to you highlights.  

3 am Chicago time / 08:00 UTC 
The JUG Australia team will do a shout-out to Joomla's birthday and launch celebration.

11:40 am Chicago time / 16:40 UTC
The JUG Padova is hosting a virtual toast to celebrate Joomla's 16th birthday and launch of Joomla 4's most exciting new features! This event will be in Italian.

12 pm Noon Chicago time / 17:00 UTC
The JUG London team has a fantastic line up of speakers in and around the development and launch of Joomla! 4 including a Joomla co-founder, release leads,  and the newly elected president.

4 pm Chicago time / 21:00 UTC
We (JUG Chicago North) will recap the events of the day (so far).

5 pm Chicago time / 22:00 UTC
The JUG Belem (Brazil) team has been holding sessions on Joomla 4 and their 10th event Joomla4: Everything you need to know. This event will be in Portuguese.

There are many more events by other user groups and vendors, please check your favorites and join the celebrations!




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