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September 2019 - EasyBlog Overview
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November 2019 - Favorite Joomla Extensions
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May 2019 - Droptables vs Shack Spreadsheets
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June 2019 - New Features of RSEvents!Pro and RSForm!Pro
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July 2019 - J2Store Overview
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20 February 2024
Joomla Community News
I discovered Joomla in 2008 when a web developer recommended I use it to replace a static HTML website I'd built for my not-for-profit dog training club. "Joomla's super easy to use," he enthused, adding, "after the initial 'WHAT THE!?' shock." Jooml...
20 February 2024
Joomla Community News
There are a number of content display options in Joomla. One of them is the category blog, that allows us to display multiple articles from a category. This option has many settings, which can be confusing for users, so this article will describe the...
20 February 2024
Joomla Community News
If your software is free for everyone to use, does that mean it isn’t worth anything? Surely not! Three researchers from Harvard Business School and the University of Toronto have found a way to estimate the value of Open Source Software. Spoiler ale...