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October 2017 - Template CSS Overrides
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10/11/2017 19:21:29
November 2017 - Favorite Extensions
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11/08/2017 16:48:23
May 2017 - Joomla! Certification Prep Part 1
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05/10/2017 14:16:11
March 2017 - Let's Talk Gantry
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03/07/2017 18:00:00
June 2017 - Joomla! Certification Prep Part 2
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06/15/2017 19:00:00

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20 October 2023
Joomla Community News
We all know that volunteering is a challenging decision and time consuming. In the case of Joomla, it can also be very difficult for no tech people and for non native English speakers. But because Joomla is a benevolent community, nobody will blame y...
20 October 2023
Joomla Community News
Maybe you’re wondering if volunteering for Joomla is your thing. You might be uncertain about your English or your knowledge, or about what would be expected in terms of commitment and time. I get that. I was really hesitant about all these things my...
17 September 2023
Joomla Community News
After a three-year hiatus, the highly anticipated worldwide Pizza, Bugs, and Fun (PBF) event made a triumphant return. This gathering saw approximately 150 keen Joomlers converge for a session of testing, bug-fixing, networking, and, of course, indul...