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17 August 2023
Joomla Community News
Today Joomla is 18 years old. It is also 2 years since the release of Joomla! 4, and the end of official support from the Joomla Volunteer Community for Joomla! 3 A huge debate of gratitude is owed to everyone who worked on the Joomla 3 series. Many ...
17 August 2023
Joomla Community News
It's Joomla 18th birthday this month and it's a perfect timing to have a look back about what have been proudly accomplished by all the incredible volunteers over these 18 years. To celebrate this birthday "all together", here are 18 facts you might ...
17 August 2023
Joomla Community News
You may have heard of it already: the EU is preparing its Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), a European law about hardware and software. This CRA is coming our way, and it affects Joomla and other open source software.  In fact, the impact on Free and Open ...