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Joomla 4: The new Media Manager

Joomla 4 Media Manager was one of the first features upgraded and incorporated into Joomla 4 at the Alpha stage. Find out what’s improved.

I have a confession. 

Having used Joomla so long, I’ve never really liked nor used the core media manager. You’d have to go in and delete files before you could delete folders, and aside from uploading files, there wasn’t much else it was doing. I installed JCE, and have used the JCE File Browser for the better part of a decade now. It’s better, but still has things that could be improved. I think I even got a question wrong on my Joomla Certified Administrator exam as I answered it based on Joomla 1.5 when I last looked at the core Media Manager!

The Media Manager has evolved

In writing a few articles on Joomla 4’s new features over recent months, the Media Manager certainly piqued my interest, and further inspection for this article shows that the work of the New Media Manager team over recent years will be rewarding users in Joomla 4 in spades.

The core improvements are sure to make users of older versions of the Media Manager users happier, and they go a long way towards delivering an overall solution that I’ll happily switch to when I roll out Joomla 4 when it’s released soon.

Key Features

Here’s a quick tour highlighting several of the new features.

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