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What type of Joomler are you?

What type of Joomler are you?

When you hover around in the Joomla Sphere long enough, you’ll see that, like every community, it comes with its own personality types. In this article, you’ll meet a few of them. And if you recognise yourself in one (or more) of these Joomlers, we also advise you on what role you could play in the Joomniverse. Have fun finding your personality type!

Friendly Neighborhood Joomler

Everyone should have one around: the Joomler always ready to help us out when we’re stuck. We can find you at a JUG meeting, Googling away before the Doctor Joomla-question is even asked, or answering questions in forums or on social media. If you are the friendly neighborhood Joomler, you can be someone who knows everything, but more likely you like to search for the right answer to help out in the best possible way.

Your ideal role: you are the gem everybody wants in their team. Since a brand new major release is on the way, you might be best in place in one of the marketing teams, because these are the teams that could use a little help right now.


YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a personal blog: you know how to spread the Joomla love, and you’re pretty good at it too. You love Joomla and you’re a trustworthy source of information for your growing number of fans, who retweet, share and like everything you do. You don’t just send: you like to interact and communicate with your followers because you love to share your passion for Joomla with them, and they like to share it with you.

Your ideal role: you probably guessed it already since it’s a no-brainer. If you haven’t joined one of our marketing teams yet, you should do so now. They’d love to hear from you!


If you don’t know what PITA means, or if you think it’s some kind of bread, you’ve never been called one (look it up). Most JoomPITA’s know a lot, have many talents and have been around for a while. They can also be pretty annoying (hence: PITA). If you’re a JoomPITA, we’d call you a perfectionist in the normal world, but with a little extra. You don’t just strive to perfection in your own work, but also in everyone else’s. You are that person that finds the one thing everyone else misses or nobody else thought about. And that’s not all: if something is not going right, you are not afraid to speak up and even scream, drop a bombshell or address the elephant in the room.

Your ideal role: every team can benefit from a good JoomPITA. No guts, no glory, right? So as long as you’re prepared to keep communicating, go where you’re most needed. Yes, you’ve guessed correctly, that would be marketing.


Like the Joomfluencer, you like to share your feelings about Joomla. Maybe at some point you even were a Joomfluencer, one whose feelings have changed. Or a JoomPITA who feels unheard. You are or have become one worrisome dude or dudette who sees the dark side of pretty much everything, often based on things that may or may not have happened in the past (“Tried it, didn’t work”). You consider yourself a healthy critic, but sometimes you have a tendency to predict fire and brimstone and/or air dirty laundry and/or come across to some as a troll. Still, there’s hope, since your worries most likely come from the same passion as the Joomfluencers’ happy-clappy stuff. No one expects you to ever be happy-clappy, but who knows what this shared passion might bring you eventually.

Your ideal role: before we get to that, you should know that not everybody works well with Doomlers. Even if you’re right, or prove to be right afterwards, some people may still have a hard time working with you. So we’d advise you not to choose a team that’s too small. Having said that: every larger team could use someone who adds a little critical voice now and then. If you have enough of the darkness and want to move over to the bright and light side, you could consider joining one of the marketing teams.


No secrets under the hood for you! You know your way around Joomla, and you know exactly where each and every screw, bolt or nail is located. If something breaks, you know how to fix it. At times you even know how to fix something that is not broken yet, but will be at some point. You don’t see the Joomla backend very often, you do everything you need in the code. Your family may think you’re a hacker because they see you looking at all these computer screens with code on them all the time. If ‘nerd’ would be a language, you’d be fluent in it.

Your ideal role: team up with somebody who is very vocal, but not technical at all, and join a marketing team together. You can explain all the tech shizzle to your partner and they will transform this into something the whole world can understand.


The Assoomler is a very common type within all communities: these are the people who think they know, but actually don’t. If you’re a true and proper Assoomler, you never feel the need to ask. You think about it, come up with an explanation and assume you’re right. Many times this may be true, but just as many times it may lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication and even end in lots of door-slammings. If you are an Assoomler with Doomler-characteristics, some people might assume (Ha! As if they would know!) you are a social media troll.

Your ideal role: something strategic for sure. With all the explaining and assuming, you’ve probably become very good at creating plausible scenarios and hypotheses. Or, if you don’t like strategy, you may want to consider asking questions to check if your assumptions are right. In a nice and friendly team, like marketing.


You simply love everything about Joomla. Seeing the administrator login screen is enough to make your day. You’re an avid reader of the Joomla Community Magazine, especially the tutorial articles and the meet-a-Joomler interviews. You attend as many Joomla events as you can so you can learn everything there is to know about Joomla, and talk Joomla all day with your wonderful Joomla friends from all over the world. Sometimes, at night, when you can’t sleep, you try to remember what your life was like before Joomla, and decide it’s best not to think about that for too long.

Your ideal role: keep doing what you are doing already, but make it official. Join a team that organises events, participate in Bugs & Fun @ Home, or head over to marketing and help spreading the Joomla love.


For you, Joomla is a tool you use to build websites. Nothing more or less. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t, maybe you don’t really have an opinion about it, in the same way you don’t have an opinion about your screwdriver, your hammer or your scissors. It’s there and you use it (you consume). You prefer free extensions over paid ones, with a few exceptions for the extensions you use on all your websites. And since you rely on Joomla and the extensions, everything should work. At all times. If something doesn’t work, the developers should fix it immediately because you need it.

Your ideal role: as the average Joomla user, you know perfectly well what you expect from your toolbox. That would make you a very valuable bugs- and features-tester. Join Bugs & Fun @ Home! Is testing not really your cup of tea? What about marketing?

Joomla Rock Star

Everyone in Joomland knows you - or at least has heard of you, and often in a good way. You are asked to do stuff, mostly presentations. If you’re a local Rock Star, you get asked to talk at Joomla User Groups. If your star has risen a little further, you get invitations to speak at JoomlaDays or international conferences like J and Beyond or the Joomla World Conference. Once they offer to pay for your travel expenses and your hotel (without you asking for that), you know you’ve reached Rock Star status. Please stay modest and try not to trash your hotel room.

Your ideal role: Rock Stars are the most valuable assets we have in spreading the Joomla love. Wouldn’t you like to make your (and Joomla’s) audience grow bigger? You can, by joining one of our marketing teams!

Which one are you?

Personally, I think I’m a bit of a Joomlaholic and a Friendly Neighborhood Joomler. I’m kind of Hermione Granger-ish when it comes to gathering knowledge, and during JUG-meetings I’m very often the Googling one. (What’s that you say? Rock Star? No, I’m way too humble to consider myself that, although I got my expenses covered once or twice when speaking at a Joomla event - OK so maybe I’m a Rock Starlet.)

Let us know what type you are!

What about you? We’d love to know what kind of Joomler you think you are! Share your thoughts with us in the comments (if you dare)!

Looking for a team that’s right for you?

Marketing is certainly not the only team that would love to meet you. So don’t hesitate! The Volunteer Engagement Team is more than happy to help you find something. More information: https://volunteers.joomla.org/teams/volunteer-engagement-team

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