The April Edition of Joomla Community Magazine

We are living in a weird period, in which we are obliged to practice “social distancing” and we cannot crowd together to meet or get things done. We saw many local and international events cancelled due to the pandemic emergency. And in this period, everyone spends more time to reflect and re-evaluate the importance of many things that we claimed were “normal” for so long.

In this edition of the Community Magazine, we wanted to put people first, remembering that Joomla exists only thanks to “its people” and we wanted to take a moment to appreciate them and their contributions.

This issue will include several interviews with Community Members, from the newly elected (or re-elected) Board members to the “hidden gems”, those volunteers who contribute to Joomla but are not really visible or enough exposed. 

Joomla is entirely run by volunteers and their work is precious to keep the project and all its operations running smoothly.

Together we are stronger and we will succeed! #stayhome and #contributetojoomla 

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