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Pizza Bugs and Fun, without the Pizza

Joomla 4.0 Alpha 12

The Production Department is pleased to announce Pizza Bugs and Fun, without the Pizza.

First of all, we hope you are keeping well and safe where ever you are.

With the unprecedented world lockdown that is upon some of us, it was suggested in the last production meeting that we attempt a mini Pizza Bugs and Fun. 
Without the time to plan an extensive PBF like the one planned in October and funding for such a venture, there will be no Pizza!

No Pizza we hear you cry, how can we program without pizza, it’s true but these are hard times and it would be unwise to do anything that would lead to people going out more than is necessary, but we can still squash bugs and have fun.
It will also give us something to get involved in, something that has a positive effect on our community.

So with this in mind, we would like to announce a Mini PBF without the P.

It is aimed at those who have already done a PBF as there is little time to organise the training. And unlike a normal PBF such as the one we will be doing in October 2020, we will not be meeting in groups. We will be doing everything remotely.

So this Saturday the 4th April at 6.00 UTC until 18.00 UTC and for the next few Saturdays after that until either we run out of bugs or the worldwide problems are resolved, why not join with members of the Production Department and other Joomla teams online and help advance Joomla 4.

We have prepared a Google sheet with an:

  • Explorer tab to help with Docs and Translation.
  • Adventurer tab for those who can do testing.
  • Conquerer tab for the brave where we invite you to do some pull requests.
  • Resources tab with the meeting room and a growing list of useful resources.

The idea is to have a session together on Saturday and then you can continue through the week if you wish. On Friday, we will be reviewing and adding new tasks and things to test, work on and do. 

We will be updating and adding some resources on the resources tab to help us improve week on week.
Hopefully, we will be free from the virus for the proper PBF and these sessions will make that event a really great success.

So join us Saturday, chat with friends and use this time that we are quarantined because of a bug to squash some bugs.

The sheet with details of the bugs to squash is here:


You can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help, and this meeting room


Dial-in: (GB) +44 20 3956 5404 PIN: 504 720 626#

The room will be kept open from  6.00 UTC until 18.00 UTC

See you online.

 Original Post: https://developer.joomla.org/news/808-pizza-bugs-and-fun-without-the-pizza.html

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