Pizza, Bugs and Fun (PBF) is worldwide event that brings together the Joomla! community to document and test future versions of our favorite content management system (CMS). You may be thinking that this event is not for you because you're not a hard core developer, but WAIT! This event is for EVERYONE - newbies, implementers, designers, developers, literally everyone.

We will be meeting at Danico Enterprises on Oct 19th at 9 am to:

  • Test fixes and provide feedback - Did the fix work? Did it not? Was there unexpected behavior?
  • Confirm bugs - Is it really an issue?
  • Documentation updates - Does it make sense? The Joomla documentation is meant to be useful to everyone, newbies on up
  • Translate documentation - Joomla is a multilingual system used worldwide, the documentation should support many languages
There will be refreshments and Lou Malnati's pizza, a Chicago favorite. You will need to do a small bit of prep work before coming.  Check out the PBF Preparation Guide.