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18 amazing facts about Joomla to celebrate its 18th Birthday

18 amazing facts about Joomla to celebrate its 18th Birthday


It's Joomla 18th birthday this month and it's a perfect timing to have a look back about what have been proudly accomplished by all the incredible volunteers over these 18 years.

To celebrate this birthday "all together", here are 18 facts you might probably not know about the best Free open source CMS. There are no order, just some data and facts to enjoy with your cup of coffee (or whatever you prefer) and to share with your friends.

Joomla is used by 2.6% of all the content management system websites. This is 1.8% of all websites.

1,144,205 Joomla sites are live nowadays.

Since 2005, Joomla was downloaded over 140,000,000 times (and counting)!

Joomla is an award-winning content management system with over 20 awards.

Over 75 accredited Joomla language packages are available!

776,003 members registered on the forum have posted 3,310,714 messages!

Joomla has nearly 6,000 extensions available!

Joomla has nearly 2,200 templates available!

Joomla is rated 4.1/5 on Capterra.

Joomla has 4,477 stars of GitHub.

Only 1.9% Joomla sites were infected in 2022.

Joomla 4.3.3 is the 328th release of the CMS.

Nearly 85,000 million-dollar companies chose to use Joomla in 2022.

Nearly 600,000 people visit Joomla website each month.

Top 5 Countries with the most Joomla websites: USA, Germany, Russia, Italy, Poland.

Among the top 1 million most visited sites, 13,362 use Joomla.

2,053 articles have been published on the Joomla Community Magazine since 2010.

Tens of volunteers positions are available at Joomla.


Thank you Joomla!

This birthday is also a perfect timing to thank Joomla from the bottom of the heart for having changed positively the life of hundreds of thousand since 2005.

Thanks to this CMS, we make real friends around the world, we are able to meet incredible people who train and help others for free, we can participate to exceptional conferences, etc.
On a personal note and like thousands others, I have created my tailor-made "Joomla" job that has been making people happy every day since 2014.

Thanks to Joomla and to all the people who have contributed to this CMS since 18 years. The best is yet to come!

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